Contest winners found

Spinnaker held its premiere speech contests tonight – Evaluation and International Prepared Speech contests.

In the Evaluation contest, an invited “test” speaker delivered a powerful speech about how emails can pollute the world.

The evaluators gave the speaker Graham lots of useful tips and recommendations including the use of statistics, stage presence, hand gestures and “soft sighs”.

Evaluation speech contestants: Megan, Gary, Dave

Evaluation Contestants: from left – Gary Nicholson, Contest Chair Ron Blackwell, Megan Kloppenburg, Dave Cook


1st – Megan Kloppenburg
2nd – Gary Nicholson

Evaluation Contest winners: from left – Contest Chair Ron Blackwell, 1st Megan Kloppenburg, 2nd Gary Nicholson, and test speaker Graham Turner

International speech contestants: Angela, Dave, Gary, Megan, Katina

Angela talked about her big bad thing, Dave talked about the hole in his floor which needed to be repaired during home renovations and compared it to climate change action needed, Gary talked about joining the dots in life, Megan spoke about meditation experiences and suppressed trauma, and finally Katina implored us to think positively and to rip up our to-do lists.


1st – Angela Randell
2nd – Megan Kloppenburg
3rd – Gary Nicholson

International Speech Contest winners: from left – Contest Chair Paul Briggs, 1st Angela Randell, 2nd Megan Kloppenburg, 3rd Gary Nicholson
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