Area Director praises Club successes

Area J1 Director Roger Hynd praised Spinnaker Toastmasters Club’s achievements and commitment during his recent visit.  He said club members were friendly and welcoming and that visitors were given an orientation to how the club worked, with roles and Pathways projects being explained clearly.  He thought the club far exceeded expectations with lots of energy and interesting meeting content.

He liked the way changes to the meeting agenda were handled, and that the club runs a hybrid meeting, noting that the technology worked well and those online were able to take an active role in the meeting.

Roger thought the meeting was properly planned and competently run considering the number of changes on the night and he liked the forward meeting planning process.  He noted that the club had recently run a Speechcraft course and gained two new members, which was great to see.

The club has been a high performer on the Distinguished Club Programme achieving all six educational goals of Levels 1-5 pathways projects.  The goal is 12 and Spinnaker achieved 16 awards in total so far.

Level 1 Awards – Goal 4 – Spinnaker achieved 5

Level 2 Awards – Goal 4 – Spinnaker achieved 4

Level 3 Awards – Goal 2 – Spinnaker achieved 3

Level 4 and 5 Awards – Goal 2 – Spinnaker achieved 4

The club also had five club officers trained in each half year training period, achieved the administration goals, and signed up four new members.

The result is the club should be a President’s Distinguished Club for the 2022-23 Toastmasters year, which is a marvellous achievement.

Overall, Area Director Roger summarised his visit by saying that Spinnaker Toastmasters Club met or exceeded all expectations, a very pleasing result for President Katina and her Committee.

Spinnaker also received national recognition by winning a $40US voucher for supplies from the Toastmasters International online shop from District 72 for achieving the Pathways Challenge of 4 level 1 Pathways awards.

Congratulations Spinnaker – you are a high achieving and award-winning club!