My favourite place!

Introduction to Public Speaking Workshop #1

President Katina chaired the workshop session and introduced herself to the group, explaining how the sessions were going to work. Course participants were then invited to speak in a table topics session run by Gary about “my favourite place”. Some of the places mentioned were being at home with family, going to the beach, learning to enjoy reading and going out biking.

Dale delivered a short educational on how to select a suitable topic for the Icebreaker speech at the next meeting. She suggested speakers look into their lives and focus on one aspect such as their job, home life, family, hobbies or travels.

At the next workshop, participants will be giving a 2-3 minute icebreaker speech which will receive a formal verbal and written evaluation.

It was wonderful to see such a keen and enthusiastic group of people join the workshop series, and the regular Spinnaker Toastmasters very much look forward to hearing the icebreaker speeches at the next session.