Fantastic, fabulous, fun!

Kathy chaired our meeting tonight remotely, with two other virtual attendees Dale and Zelda.

The word of the day from Angela was a new word “vociferous” meaning “expressing or characterized by vehement opinions; being loud and forceful”

Dave ran table topics with a variety of topics and every speaker had plenty to say. Dale spoke about her ideal day and here’s the photo of that – the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk!

Dale – second from left at front – on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Speech 1 from Paul on “The consequences of the word NO” – a story about getting a family dog – or not!. Evaluator Megan recommended that his notes hindered his speaking a little, and encouraged Paul to learn the story off by heart so as not to rely on your notes.

Speech 2 by Darrell was a humorous take on “Cold Call Combat” by telling us how to respond to cold callers by phone – the scammers, the sellers and the charity donations. Evaluator Gary kept getting the title wrong by calling it “Cold Call Comfort”, and recommended Darrell split the 3 stories and use the space on the stage to visually show the 3 parts. He said Darrell “bellowed” with his hands, didn’t use notes, and loved his alliteration that we need a “Cold Call Combat – Code of Conduct”.

Memory Master Dale asked a number of memory questions to the audience such as “what did Ron arrive at work with in his boot?”, “where was Gary when he did his scariest thing?” and “what walked under Christo’s vehicle when he was camping?”

Grammarian Angela commended 5 uses of the word of the day “vociferous” and commented on everyone’s use of unusual words and fired off a few more memory questions to finish.

Timekeeper Christo reported that only 2 table topic speakers spoke within time, Darrell went only 2 minutes over time, general business took double the time, table topics evaluation went a little bit over time covering 9 people, and Dale redeemed herself with a shorter memory master session.

General Evaluator Katina commended our congenial online host Kathy and congratulated her for being on mute only once. A fantastic, fabulous and fun meeting.

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