Speechathon Success

Spinnaker Toastmasters Club ended the 2021 year with a Speechathon of 5 outstanding speeches and an Educational.

In speech 1, Paul’s topic of “Choices” was about whether he should get a cat or a dog, and after his initial thoughts, he debated with the audience on the matter. As most people were dog lovers, the consensus was that he should get a dog. Evaluator Albertus said Paul kept his cool even though the audience made it hard for him by interjecting, talking amongst themselves and being deliberately confrontational (as they were supposed to be for this speech!)

In speech 2, Dale gave an Icebreaker in the Motivational Strategies pathway. “Teaching kids to swim” outlined her new career as a swimming instructor, how this role is helping keep the community safe, the various attributes a swimming teacher needs, such as Patience, and some of the weird things kids do. Evaluator Kathy complimented Dale on her great structure, but said to lose the notes and own the stage. She said her strong conlusion made the speech – “I know I’m making a difference!” Dale said.

Speech 3 by Jacqui “Will you vote” was the story of Kate Sheppard, the face on our $10 note. Evaluator Christo said Jacqui gave us a rivetting New Zealand history lesson (he being from South Africa), and her step by step structure was very easy to follow.

Andrew’s “Power of the Smile” made us all smile, that’s for sure. He said a smile makes you happy, look younger and gives you a mini facelift. Evaluator Zelda said Andrew engaged with the audience with a smile and got the audience members to smile to each other.

Ron’s “Mentoring” speech outlined what mentoring is, gave us stories of various mentoring situations Ron has been in such as at work, home, family and with Toastmasters. Evaluator Ian was impressed with Ron’s second attempt at this speech and said he enjoyed the personal touch Ron gave to his stories.

Finally Darrell delivered an educational “Working with Words” where he said while only 7% of a speech’s impact is the words we use, it’s the most important part. He said we should use simple words, avoid using jargon, employ vivid words to paint a picture but use words economically with short sharp sentences with pauses for effect. Darrell said we could look for inspiration everywhere around us.

So with that, Spinnaker’s 2021 year of speechmaking and leadership comes to an end.

We’ll be back at the end of January 2022 to continue our journey with Toastmasters, and no doubt with lots of holiday stories to tell.

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