Conspiracy theories dominate meeting

The following is an “accurate and wholly truthful” (Prince Harry) account of the Spinnaker meeting on Tuesday July 20th 2021 OR is it?
The theme of the evening was ‘conspiracy theories’ OR was it?
Jacqui our Chair (IF that’s who she was!) chose the theme as it was 52 years since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon OR did he?

The meeting was joined for the evening by the AA. Not the two ‘AA’s you might think of but Alex and Amanda our two welcome guests who found us via the internet OR did they!?
No matter why they came we quickly locked the doors and held them hostage to listen to two speeches, two TT types sessions and a Toastmaster 1st invented at Spinnaker OR was it?
Speech one was Paul introduced by Angela OR was he?
Paul treated us to a tale of his first true love (OR was it?) that moment he looked across the crowed room (OR was it?) to see the vision that would fulfil his life (OR did it?)
Angela then led the mob in an assault on Paul’s presentation OR did she?
Will Paul come back with the speech stronger than ever OR won’t he? Past evidence is favourable to better.
Speech two was Katina introduced by Darrell the gentlest of souls. OR was he GE, meeting reporter, and self-delusional?
Katina spoke to the Good Old Days (OR were they) a tale of her childhood, tractors, rolling hills, sledding, playing, near drownings ahh such happy times! A tale told thousands of KMs from NZ yet could as easily been here OR anywhere?
TT Topics one
Jacqui (IF that is who she was?) encouraged the floor to share their conspiracy theories
Joanna – shared (and knows far to much!) about the invasion of earth by the Lizard people. Joanna at supper made a beeline for the Fly Cemetery cakes (AND brought her own personal supply of milk!)
Darrell – poor sweet tortured soul (ARE we sure he’s not doing the GE and meeting reporting?) shared the plot by his family to hasten their inheritance (OR is he just delusional?)
The rest of the group wouldn’t share OR couldn’t they!?
TT Topics II

Ian our TT master of the night shared his love of NZ television (OR was he taking the proverbial?) having TTers talk about popular programmes
Johanna loves ‘Country Calendar’ – Orcas, farms, KIWI can-do (OR can they?)
Christo hates Shortland Street OR does he? Claims to never watch TV but gave an amazingly accurate critique for a non-beTVeer.
Amanda our guest established a Spinnaker 1st (OR is it a Toastmaster 1st?) by debating Christo’s Shortland Street TT. Amanda was a true beTVeer saying Shortie was a metaphor for the NZ way of life OR did she? Amanda was awarded best TT OR was she?
Dave talked to that stalwart of the airwaves Fair Go. He recalled the good old live action days and that famous first Fair Goer the Irish bloke, OR was he Welsh, OR was he Scots OR……?
Albertus is a closet Dancing with the Stars fan OR is he? He loves the Samba (OR does he?) and the Salsa (BUT the dance OR the dip?)
Other Roles
Andrew ENHANCED the Grammarian role by using his word-of-the day so often he usurped an absent Gary’s record.
Johanna was warmly praised by the GE for her perfect time keeping. Johanna bucked a recent vicious trend of falsely accusing the saintly Darrell of red-light-fever. The kindly GE said that on a scale (get the lizard reference haha) of 1-10 Johanna was an 11 OR did s/he?
Albertus gave a masterly memory master performance with well received rewards. Sadly Albertus forgot to ensure the GE/meeting reporter got a reword OR did he?
So ended another fun filled meeting
If you were there you will know this to be true OR did you nod off?
If you were not there you will know you can believe the “accurate and wholly truthful” account by me, your trusty meeting-reporter (Darrell of course), OR can you!

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