Dave our President chaired tonight’s meeting, Tuesday 3 August 2021.

Speech 1 by Jacqui was an icebreaker using Te Reo, outlining how she has been learning to speak the Maori language for work and social occasions. Evaluator Katina thought Jacqui’s use of the trinity in speechmaking – talking in threes – was ideal for this type of speech. Katina really enjoyed the use of Te Reo in her speech and applauded Jacqui for taking on the learning of a new language.

Speech 2 by Darrell was a euology for David, a friend of over 50 years. This is a great use of Toastmasters to practise a future public speech, and a euology is certainly a difficult speech to prepare and deliver as its usually full of emotion and anecdotes and memories. Evaluator Johanna thought Darrell gave an emotional but humorous eulogy delivered with warmth and smiles in a positive and caring way.

Speaker 3 was Megan titled Type 2 from the Visionary Communication path. Andrew’s evaluation for Megan covered the purpose and structure of the speech. He liked the quotes at the beginning and the end which tied it all together.

Speaker 4 from Ian on Reoccurring Dreams, a humorous take on two of Ian’s dreams – being chased around a farm by Daleks, and the lead up to exams and lack of preparation. Gary evaluated Ian and thought he absolutely nailed the body language and took simple words and used them to enhance his speech. He recommended Ian look more closely at his structure to tie the speech together.

Grammarian Zelda reported back on the use of ums and ahs but was disappointed that nobody used the word of the day – serendipity.

Memory Master Christo plied the audience with chocolate for getting the answers to his questions correct.

Timekeeper Albertus pointed out Darrell’s speech was 7 minutes 29 seconds – perfect for a 4 minute speech!

General Evaluator Angela said she loves hanging out with Spinnaker Toastmasters, saying she has had a ball tonight! She loved Chairman Dave’s joiners between speakers which helped make the meeting so enjoyable. Angela complimented all the evaluators who introduced and evaluated the 4 speakers and made useful recommendations.

The meeting closed bang on time!

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