Are you flummoxed?

Angela chaired our 3 May meeting from the comfort of her home, while two other members were online and 8 members at the hall, along with two guests. Hybrid meetings really do work!

Speech 1 by Ron was the second in a series on a blue cod research project he undertook a few years ago.

Speech 2 by Dale was the third in a series on Farewell Spit which she visited in January. In this speech Dale explained how pilot whales strand on the spit, the history of whale strandings, and how you can help by supporting Project Jonah.

Volunteers tending to stranded whales on Farewell Spit, Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand (image sourced from a news article)

Flummox was the word of the day and most speakers managed to use the word multiple times.

Timekeeper Ian gave us a rundown on our timings at the end of the meeting.

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