How to escape a shark

A small meeting chaired by Ron on 19 April but with four speeches to enjoy. Grammarian Darrell’s word of the day was “hope”.

Table topics by Kathy used the theme of questions: If you could wear one colour all year, what would it be: Megan – blue. If your next trip could be to anywhere in the world with an unlimited budget: Tikila – go to the UK to see the Queen. If you could have any job in the world, real or fictitous, what would that job be: Darrell – testing sleeping software and beds. If you had an unlimited budget, tell us about your dream home: Dale – my current house. If you could be a world champion of any sport: Jacqui – a top world kayaker. If you could be a world class musician which musical instrument: Ron – trumpet player. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why: Ian – God! Best Table Topics Speaker: Ian.

Speaker 1 by Ron was called “Blue cod fishing survey” introduced by Jacqui. In this speech Ron explained a project he was managing as a project leader and scientist, and how the project went, and what he learnt. Evaluator Jacqui thought that Ron needed to indicate where this project was conducted in his introduction so we all knew where it happened which was the Marlborough Sounds.

Speaker 2 was Tikila, introduced by Ian, with her icebreaker. “Fishing methods and stories from the Solomon Islands”. Tikila began with “Beautiful people …” That was so nice! Tikila explained kite fishing and spear fishing methods, and a story about John’s encounter with a shark. Evaluator Ian said that Tikila grew in confidence as the speech went on and she really started enjoying herself.

Speaker 3 by Ian, introduced by Ron, was “Temporary works tagging proposal”, an initiative he is introducing to his company. He used a powerpoint presentation to illustrate various permanent and temporary structures where a tagging system might work.

Speaker 4 by Megan was from the Visionary Communication pathway, introduced by Dale. In this speech Megan identified the 4 main communication styles and a well known person or population it applied to.

Timekeeper Darrell admitted he should never do more than one task at a time as he struggled to keep up with all the activities. (which was Darrell’s way of saying he is “hopeless” at multi-tasking!

General Evaluator Kathy would like to have a draft agenda available earlier in the meeting cycle.

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