Ides of March

Darrell chaired our hybrid meeting with 4 online and 5 in physical attendance.

Darrell explained what the “Ides of March” meant in his opening comments.

Grammarian Dave used the word “PEACE” for his word of the day which “describes a state of tranquility and order”. It’s an old word that’s been around since the 12th century. Dave said that Dale had used the word of the day at least six times! Kathy took the prize for the most amazing language tonight.

Table Topics Mistress Megan thought we needed to be uplifted and joyous in our day, wanting some happy stories. Topics included “peaceful photos”, “my happy place”, “my favourite song”, and “my favourite piece of clothing” which changed to a funny story about the delivery of an online order. Evaluator Katina enjoyed the session with some handy recommendations for speakers.

Speech 1 Part One introduced by Angela was from Jacqui with “The Plan”. Jacqui talked about the planning of physical Area Contests and how the plan had to change for online Area Speech Contests.

Speech 2 introduced by Dale was from Kathy called “One size fits all”, a humorous tale about fitting hats on her oversized head and various hats she has had. Evaluator Dale said she would never have known Kathy had an oversided head, and I will also never think of hats like that again! She also said that Kathy had addressed the two main issues from her first speech, being lighting and microphone use and the ability to be funny.

Speech 3 Part Two from Jacqui called “The Plan – fings wot I learned” was about the delivery of the Area Contests and what she had learnt from this project as Area Director including knowing who your friends are, be prepared to have several plans, and expect the unexpected to happen.

General Evaluator Gary complimented everyone for working with the hybrid meeting format, the theme of the meeting, and the opportune word of the day – Peace.

Gary complimented Dale on her excellent evaluation for Kathy, and Angela for her double evaluation of Jacqui’s two speeches.

Best speaker was Kathy, best evaluation was by Dale.

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