Spinnaker’s 1 March meeting was a mix of in-person and online. Gary chaired the meeting and peppered the intervals between speeches with bizarre and amazing facts that nobody should know – unless you’re a quizzer on The Chase.

Dale in her role as Grammarian chose the word “stir-crazy” for her word of the day, and several speakers managed to use it in their speaking.

Stir-crazy – meaning.

Speech 1 by Darrell was titled “76 is just a number”. Darrell was using a Humorous Pathway speech project to reflect on his life so far since his most recent 76th birthday, saying he was lucky to be a “baby boomer”, and has had the same head of state since he was 6 years old. Evaluator Jacqui said she loved “the great truth” revelation by Darrell who excelled at telling us of his gratitude for a life well-lived. Her only recommendation was to keep to time – Darrell!

Speech 2 by Megan was a practice for the upcoming Division International Speech Contest so Megan was online working on her camera presence, structure and pace. Kathy and the group evaluated Megan’s speech and gave her some new ideas to enhance her speech for the big day.

Speech 3 by Ian was called “What’s the Plan?”, a Level 3 Pathways Humorous speech. Ian gave us some famous quotes, and said “where you are now, you have got yourself there!” and “I had put myself there, and only I could get myself out of this!” Evaluator Dave loved the use of the power of 3s, saying it was a story of two halves and the quotes certainly supported the story.

Table Topics by topicsmaster Paul had the six speakers defending a “truth” – the earth is flat – the moon landing was fake – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – you can cure COVID by drinking bleach, and the world is coming to and end in 2012! All speakers rose to the occasion and managed to come up with some irrefutable evidence that their quote was true!

And the word in the title “ultracrepidarian” means – someone who is in the habit of giving advice on matters he himself knows nothing about! Isn’t that what we did in table topics this time?

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