Stuttery Start to 2022

Spinnaker’s first meeting of the 2022 year chaired by President Dave welcomed three guests, and returning members for another year of speechmaking and leadership development.

Speech 1 by Angela was a practice run for the International Speech Contest to be held later in February, which will now be online. Group feedback for Angela was helpful in how to deliver online, and the judging criteria.

Speech 2 by Dale entitled “Bucket List Item = Tick”, a Motivational Strategies Pathway speech, described her recent trip on a tour to Farewell Spit, something she has wanted to do for a long time. Dale described Cape Farewell, named by Captain James Cook, Fossil Point where sea fossils can be seen in the rocks, and the long drive up the spit at low tide to the Farewell Spit Lighthouse for lunch and bird watching. She said the group left only tyre marks and footprints, and she finished by saying that it was a day to be remembered, and something everyone should have on their bucket list! Evaluator Megan said it was an exemplary speech full of images and supporting material and very educational.

Farewell Spit beach.

General Business focussed on meeting scheduling and Area Contest arrangements.

General Evaluator Paul thought we had a “stuttery start” to the year especially with the online technical hitches, Memory Master Darrell was “funny as always” and Albertus our timekeeper should have been a school teacher.

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