What’s in the box?

Johanna did a brilliant job tonight chairing the meeting with a theme of ‘What happened on the 1st of June?’. She kept us entertained with her natural story telling skills as well as keeping us on track throughout the meeting!

Angela challenged us all tonight a table topics theme where we were asked to give an opinion on a topic. But as always, club members rose to the occasion and delivered fantastic table topic speeches – topics included if you were an animal what would you be? Why would anyone live in Wellington? Ann won best table topic, with her description of why she would be her cat.

We had three top-notch speeches tonight, delivered by Ian, Paul and Dave.

Ian started us and delivered his first speech after returning after having a short break from Toastmasters. His speech was both entertaining and informative on the history of Murphys Law. To our surprise we are all using it in the wrong way! He left us with a call to action to use ‘Murphys Law’ as was initially used in 1940s. The phrase is in fact a saying when you are planning for a good outcome and we should all be saying it when something goes right – not when something goes wrong!

Paul was the second speaker. We were privileged to hear Paul’s very personal and emotive story night, of his journey to finding his birth mother and finding two half brothers. The speech was titled Comma, because this was not a full stop, but a comma as he embarks on the journey to find his birth father.

Dave was the last speech tonight with the title ‘No Projects in 2021’, which was a second chapter of a previous speech he delivered last year titled ‘No Projects in 2020’. He kept the audience engaged as he told the story of a friend looking under the house, cutting a hole in the floor boards… and his discovery…. His use of props was well done and the audience was wondering til the end what was in the box!!

Gary won evaluator of the night and Paul won best speech.

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