“My dream weekend”

Angela, our Toastmaster for the night on 18 May 2021 was busting to tell us about her dream weekend, which was the theme for this meeting. She had three speeches also lined up and table topics. We also welcomed two guests.

Angela chairing Spinnaker Toastmasters meeting.

Speaker 1 was Andrew with “High as a Kite”, a research speech from Presentation Mastery Pathway explaining how kites work. Evaluator Dale said it would have been great to have seen a real kite as a visual aid but Andrew had nailed his objectives.

Speech 2 from Megan was “Citizenship”, a talk about her new employer the laura Fergusson Trust and how they provide residential and community services and support for their clients. Evaluator Albertus said that even though it was unscripted she did rely on her notes at times.

Speech 3 by Jacqui on “The Power of 3” gave us an insight into how powerful the power of three is, saying two gives you a choice, three makes you think. Her classic line was “What? – So What? – Now what?” when thinking about the power of three. Evaluator Darrell pointed out how the power of three played a role in our speechmaking.

Table topics by Johanna was challenging for all speakers as storytellers. Evaluator Gary said the session was challenging, entertaining and a different way to tell a story.

Grammarian Ann provided the word of the day “gallivant”, and most speakers managed to use the word at least once, sometimes in a humorous manner.

Timekeeper’s tools of trade – lights, bells, checksheet and cellphone timer.

Katina provided the timekeeper’s report and Gary gave us a general business report on the District 72 Convention held last weekend.

Best speaker: Jacqui
Best evaluator: Dale

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