Welcome to 2021

Well, what a great start to Spinnaker Toastmasters 2021 we’ve had! It was great to be back and everyone was keen to flex their speaking muscles once more. Chair Gary guided everyone through proceedings and began by presenting the annual speaker awards to those who had not been able to attend the presentation at our Christmas function. Below is Megan receiving the George Nicholson Trophy from Chair and President Gary.

Grammarian of the night was Dale, who set us a challenge with ‘learnings’ or, alternatively, ‘unlearn’. It sure made everyone think and it was an exercise in creative word usage.

Table Topics are always one of the highlights of the evening, and Spinnaker speakers proved that they had not gone rusty over the Christmas break.

Darrell explained eloquently the benefits of daylight savings and how all his daylight had been saved!

Megan pondered on whether we should bar non-electric cars by 2025 and what the possible ramifications of such a step could be.

Andrew weighed up the good, the bad and the ugly of public transportation and thought user pays sounded reasonable.

Ann’s dreaming of where to travel post-Covid, has it all planned out and is ready to go!

And finally, Albertus took us through the scenario of being a state of Australia. This might take everyone a while to get used to, although, Albertus made a good case and made it sound reasonable…

The speeches delivered by Darrell, Albertus, and Megan were great. Plus, to add to the interesting topics, masterful delivery and impact, the speeches were then evaluated: first by the designated evaluators, and then by the entire assembly. The group evaluation was intended to provide the speakers with additional input and information. As all three speakers intend to enter this year’s speaking contests the different perspectives of the group offers great thinking points and feedback. Below is Ron giving his evaluation.

In summary, it was a typical Spinnaker night out: great company, good supper and conversation and we all improved our public speaking skills as well.

Meeting report by Katina.

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