Hugs – 20 October 2020

Spinnaker Toastmaster’s meeting on Tuesday 20 October 2020 started with a warm welcome from Paul and apologies received from Johanna. The theme of the evening was HUGS, in which Paul stated several facts around the benefits of hugging, being hugged and tree hugging.

Paul then welcomed Jacqui who was the Grammarian for the evening. Jacqui stated the business of the Grammarian and what she would be listening out for. The word of the evening was “Flamboyant”.

First on the agenda was Kathy (attending via Zoom) introducing Dale as speaker one. Kathy’s introduction was comprehensive and structured, and stated the title (Pathways L5 “Moderate a panel discussion”). Dale led a panel discussion with three members of Spinnaker Toastmasters – Gary, Megan and Albertus (pictured below) – who have succeeded at various levels of speaking contests. Dale asked many questions of the panel such as: how do you go about choosing a topic for your speech, what facts or examples do you use, what do you do if you lose the audience’s attention, how do you ensure the audience gets your message, and many other questions. This was a very educational type discussion that had many tips.

Dale (left), leading a panel discussion with (from L to R) Albertus, Megan and Gary.

Paul then invited our Table Topics Master Angela to open table topics. The theme of the table topics was: “You are the new Minister, and you are required to fix the different situations that were given”.

Speech 2 was introduced by Megan and presented by Darrell, Presentation Mastery, with the title “The mentor who meant the most”. The speech came from his soul and was spoken with honesty and integrity.

Speech 3 was introduced by Gary using a very flamboyant style in keeping with the evening’s word. Speech 3 was presented by Katina, Presentation Mastery, “Jumping in at the deep end”. The speech was also about mentoring and covered the many people who had helped Katina (pictured below) along the way.

The evening finished with the evaluations from the three speeches and timekeepers report.

Thanks to all, General Evaluator Pete.

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