A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – 6 October 2020!

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

6th October 2020 was the first official “MAD HATTTERS PARTY” at Spinnakers Toastmasters.

Ron Blackwell was this evenings chairman and to get us all into the groove for the Mad Hatters Party, he got us all to wear a hat.

Kathy joined us online to give us the word for today which was “Joy”.

Jacqui Blackwell carried the theme of Mad Hatter over to Table Topics by asking us all to take on the persona of the hat that we were wearing. Everyone was keen to show off their acting skills as they took on their persona but it was Johanna who took home the prize of best table topic speaker for the evening.

The speeches were entertaining and kept us all on our toes. We learnt about making pasta and how to control or not to control the doers and the listeners within a working group. Tonight was a hard fought battle for the prize of best speaker but Dave took the prize home with a speech which gave us all a good old belly laugh.

The Evaluations were well executed using the CRC method. Gary had the job of evaluating Table topics and he showed his CRC skills for everyone – he won the best evaluators prize for the night.

All in all it was another spectacular night at Spinnakers Toastmasters.

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