Icebreakers galore!

Hearing six Icebreaker speeches at a Toastmasters meeting is like imagining you’re a kid in a lolly shop!

And what treat it was on Tuesday 21 March when our workshop participants delivered their first formal speech – an icebreaker introducing themselves.

Summarising, Fenli told us about her journey from China to New Zealand, and Dieter asked “who is responsible?” for your financial wellbeing. Sarah told us about her discovery of bicycling, and Juan explained how her dream came true with an automatic table tennis ball serving machine. Monika explained how she came to New Zealand from Germany, and Jackie told us that she was 3% gypsy and 97% goddess!

Toastmaster club evaluators thought everyone had done a marvellous job, saying that all the speeches were engaging, interesting and personal stories which did not disappoint.

Table Topics run by Paul had the theme “My favourite (something) “. Evaluator Dale said that there were plenty of hand and facial gestures – pointing, hand on hip, patting the dog – and that each story was remembered with a heartfelt smile, and gained lots of laughs. Best table topics speaker was Dieter with “My favourite shopping experience – Piccadilly Circus at 11 pm”.

At the next workshop meeting, participants will deliver another formal speech on a topic showing organisation and structure, and they will also introduce each other, thus learning another valuable Toastmasters and public speaking skill.

Our meetings are always open to the public. If you are interested contact us by email on with your name and contact details and we’ll be in touch!

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