An E.P.I.C. meeting

Tonight (20 April 2020) we had a record EPIC meeting…

The word of the day, introduced by the Grammarian was EPIC, and it was used by the club members 49½ times (½ deducted from Ron as he was prompted to use it during a table topic).

The theme of the night was the Wonderful World of Books, which was picked up exceptionally well by Megan as Table Topics master and enable all speakers to really run with the theme and have some great fun. All speakers really enjoyed the quickfire speeches and laughter was a plenty… some may say also an Epic event..

Our meeting had three very good speeches, ranging from a second speech by Ann which was all about her Happy Place, a research and presenting speech by Dave Cook, complete in his Hawaiian shirt, which was fun, to a very well-presented speech by Paul all about innovative planning.

We had two lovely guests who also spoke during Table Topics, which was great to see prospective members jumping right in from the start.

The evaluations too were Epic with all of the speaker being given some very constructive suggestions as to how to enhance their speeches, from watching how to use gestures, watching some key ‘comfort words’ such as Ah and Um, to pace and vocal variety. No doubt every single person who attended all left with at least one thing that they could do differently in the future to deliver even better speeches.

Tonight was a meeting that everyone spoke, everyone learned, and everyone had a great time, from great table topics, to amazing evaluations, stunning coffee and muffins.

A Truly Epic event and one that was really what Toastmasters is all about.. Fun and learning.

Gary Nicholson, President.

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