A rugged wonderland

The 16 March 2021 meeting of Spinnaker was chaired by Dale with 11 members attending, plus our special guest Area Director Pauline Cook.

Table Topics Mistress Katina introduced each speaker who had to speak on a few words such as “will wind come”, “the last straw” or “life in a gilded cage”. The final table topic was “wearing green makes me invisible”. These might seem like impossible table topics, but the speaking team rose to the occasion with some fascinating stories of true life.

Speaker 1 was Johanna who wowed us with her “Rugged Wonder” visual presentation of her trip black water rafting in the Waitomo Caves. Evaluator Megan complimented Johanna on her descriptive language and said the photos and words made the speech very inspiring.

Johanna giving her speech called "Rugged Wonder".

Speaker 2 Andrew told us all about “All Inclusive Holidays” to Porto Ventura in the Canary Islands. Evaluator Darrell was interested in Andrew’s 3 little tales of British and German tourists and said Andrew had met his objectives.

Speaker 3 was Dave who gave a run-through of the introduction to a business presentation he was giving the next day on “tupu.nz”, using databases, visual images, and geographical information systems. Evaluator Albertus said Dave had made an intricate and technical subject seem quite simple for a non-technical audience.

Pauline addressed the club after President Gary had dealt with the club’s business.

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