A “derelict” meeting on 21 July 2020!

Darrell chaired our meeting but he was “derelict” in giving the meeting a theme, however our Grammarian Peter gave the word of the day as “derelict” which was used over 10 times by speakers.

Megan’s table topics session was themed “would you rather …” where speakers had to choose between two points and then argue their choice.

Speaker 1 Gary talked about why he gets migraines, and how to curb them in his speech “I can see clearly now”. Evaluator Dale said it was a masterclass in using notes when you’re not using notes.

Speaker 2 Paul and Speaker 3 Johanna covered off Pathway projects.

Johanna is pictured above delivering her speech.

Speaker 4 Dave covered an educational on the use of the Pathways website.

We welcomed two guests to the meeting and hope they come back to join our club.

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