Fifth Online Meeting, Tuesday 2 June

Our online meetings continue to be a successful way to meet during the lockdown. A bonus for the club is that we can have visitors from all over the world! Tonight, Adam joined us, all the way from his living room in Ontario, Canada!

Smiles and laughter during our 5th online meeting!

Angela chaired a successful meeting, with the theme Netflix recommendations. Jacqui continued along a similar theme in table topics, with the theme of movies. David, Albertus, Angela and Adam took it in their stride and spoke of romance movies, international film festivals, movies from our teenage years and movies we would show our friends.

We were treated to three speeches tonight, two of which were educationals. The first was the second of a three part educational series by Kathy on evaluations. The club was asked to watch a speech by Sam Neill on youtube. Kathy then facilitated a club-wide evaluation, by asking us to provide commendations and recommendations.

Dale presented the second speech of the night. Dale entertained us with a detailed account of the night the s.s. Cheviot was shipwrecked off the coast of Port Melbourne in 1887. It was Victoria’s worst shipping disaster.

s.s. Cheviot

Ron then treated us to an educational on impromptu speaking – giving us some handy hints for our next table topics session!

For those that want to watch it, here is a link to Sam Neill’s speech on YouTube. What would your commendations or recommendations be for Sam?

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