Te Reo and pithy quotes, 15 September 2020

Spinnaker’s 15 September meeting was fun and refreshing.

Meeting chairperson Katina lined up three speakers to enhance our listening and evaluation skills. She also peppered the meeting with Te Reo, it being Maori Language Week, and the odd pithy quote for good measure.

Dale’s word of the day, “bunkum”, was unusually well used and added a bit of spice to the evening with speakers declaring – whole lot of bunkum, talking a lot of bunkum, be careful of the bunkum, brilliant load of bunkum and very much on this bunkum thing.

Table Topics by Paul had us all “Row, row, row your boat” story-telling, and it ended up with a Covid theme and a team of 5 million rowing the boat up or down the steam to a common goal. It was very entertaining with even some singing for good measure.

Speaker 1 was Albertus with a Pathways “Managing a Project Successfully” speech part one – describing the planning approach he is taking to organising a working bee for his local archery club. He will deliver part 2 at a later date outlining how the project went.

Speaker 2 was Gary who was doing a Pathways project “Understanding your Speaking Style” in which he assessed his own speaking style and how he adjusts it for different environments – personal, work and community.

Speaker 3 was Peter whose “Your Choice” speech was a powerful reminder of the upcoming national referendum, and the impact and implications the choice all voting New Zealanders must shortly make.

Ron’s General Evaluation awarded the Best Table Topic to Jacqui and Best Evaluator to Darrell.