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Einstein and Rachel Hunter feature at Spinnaker

Our meeting, for the 7th May managed to start on time with some encouragement. Our word for the day was "felicitations" and our theme for the evening was "encouragement".

Katina Beauchamp delivered a very timely table topics session which was in synch with New Zealand sign language week. Sarah showed off her knowledge of the language, while Angela almost managed to completely dodge the topic as she spent most of her time talking about how she wanted to blend into the chair to hide from our table topics mistress. Our area governor Masha followed Angela and then Darrell. The king of kings of table topics Gary Nicholson brought our Table topics session to an end with his thunderous speech.

We were treated to 4 outstanding speeches, Jacqui dazzled us with Einstein riddle where she turned toastmasters into her classroom and she schooled us. Linda morphed together leadership with the movie "how to train your dragon." We also had two icebreaker speeches which is an awesome opportunity for us toastmasters to pry into the lives of others. Sarah delivered her first ever Toastmasters speech and did it flawlessly. Then Kathy explained what she had in common with Rachel Hunter.

Our area governor gave us her report for the area and encouraged us with some positive feedbacks. Katina received a certificate for completing her Pathways module from president Albertus (below).

Albertus presenting Katina with her Pathways certificate.

Our evaluators gave excellent evaluations to our speakers using the CRC method, which is what we have come to expect at the happiest little club on earth.

Our next meeting will be 21st May to be chaired by Katina.

Meeting report by Paul Briggs.

Table Topics Special

Today's meeting 16 April started ahead of time at 7.28 pm. Wow! Spinnaker Toastmasters that's awesome! The theme was "changing seasons", and the word of the day "Cresendo".

Table Topics was a little different, with Gary delivering 3 table topics. "A Dark and Stormy night" only featured once. This was in preparation for his attempt at the national champs in Dunedin in May! Darrell in his newly appointed position of President for life, told us what he would change. And then asked for a cup of tea. Peter as Minister of Transport banned all private cars. The club gave Gary good feedback, with a session led by the Chair, Dave.

Albertus was first of three speakers. He delivered an interesting speech called "The Protege" and recounted the time when he was mentored by one South Africa's leading legal minds. We learnt via Albertus 3 things that judge did. Do not make decisons with emotion. Do not judge people by their appearance, and do not tell lies.

Darrell told us about "Do the Right Thing". His speech was from the humourous manual and he had to make us laugh. He did as he told us about writing letters to the editor, both funny, and serious. He challenged us to put our speech writing skills to action, by writing letters.

In the last speech, Peter told us about some very old fashioned and provocative ideas and about women police from 1916. Fast forward a hundred and 3 years, and the percentage of women police officers still does not reflect NZ society, with only 1600 women out of 8000 uniformed police. It has been 75 years since the first police woman graduated.

Evaluators were very good. Linda provide insightful and excellent recommendations to table topic speakers. All used the CRC method as is our custom at Spinnaker.

Paul delivered an excellent General Evaluation, his first.

The meeting closed on time - well done Dave!. Paul is chair for next meeting.

Meeting report by Dave.

Clutter, leadership styles and all things Dutch

These were some of the topics discussed at Spinnaker's April 2nd meeting. Megan talked about how New Zealand was discovered by Abel Tasman and named by his cartographer, and how the Dutch came to settle in New Zealand. Megan is off to the Netherlands soon to visit family, so this was a fitting self-farewell!

Tomoyo discussed how she found out her three leadership styles in the Pathways Project, and you can read the text of her fascinating speech. Tomoyo says "I thought this project "Understanding Your Leadership Style" was not related to me because I am neither a leader in my work or my private life. So I asked my mentor and have found that it is not only those who lead team members that demonstrate leadership skills. I am already using those skills supporting those who need my help in many situations. Once I realised that, it was not difficult to work on my speech. Now I know that Toastmasters provides not only a place to practising public speaking but also draws out other potential skills. Thanks for giving me such an exciting opportunity to grow with this project!"

Katina implored us to "Waste Not Want Not" in which she told us about the hydrological cycle of water and how we should protect our water at all costs. Evaluator Peter said we should take a stance and push our points home.

Finally Kathy gave an impromptu speech on Evaluations, in which she asked "Are you a reporter, a fan or a coach?" Evaluator Paul thought it was an important speech for himself and the club.

Gary ran table topics with a series of questions for speakers, and along with Darrell's hilarious evaluation, was the highlight of the evening.

Grammarian Dale's word of the day "clutter" was used many times in various formats. Memory Mistress Jacqui asked us lots of questions to challenge our memory of the evening, and then gave her Timekeeper's report.

General Evaluator Dave rounded out the evening with some key recommendations for future chairpersons, speakers and evaluators.

Best Speaker was Tomoyo and Best Evaluator was Paul.

Gary wins division Table Topics

Spinnaker member Gary Nicholson won the Division J Table Topics contest on Saturday 30 March in Upper Hutt. Gary now heads off to Mosgiel to compete with the District's best in May. Congratulatons Gary - we knew you could do it.

Spinnaker member Angela Randall competed in the Humorous contest but was unplaced. Despite giving everyone a run for their money, Angela narrowly missed out on a placing. She says she will work even harder next time on her speech to wow the audience and judges.

Humorous contest dress rehearsal

Spinnakerites were treated to a dress rehearsal of Angela's Division J humorous contest speech "A man and his car" and did a practice judging with feedback. Angela now goes on to compete on 30 March along with Gary in the Table Topics contest. Good luck to you both!

First speech from Linda called "How will my garden grow" focussed on climate change and the recent school children strike and protest. Linda summed it all up by saying "there is no planet B"!

Kathy's fascinating abstract concept speech using powerpoint gave us the lowdown on how a digital image gets from your phone to a Facebook page, in "When data comes knocking".

Kathy using Powerpoint.

Dave talked about "Scheduling" which is a big part of the VP Education's role, describing how forward role scheduling will happen and asking for club members to indicate which roles they want on the new forward programme for the next few meetings.

Table Topics Mistress Dale had a unique idea of getting everyone to write down their "burning question" then each table topics speaker had to pick one out of the box and talk to it. This resulted in a hilarious session where speakers answered burning questions such as "why is the bike leaning against the wall" to "why are dog lovers so much better than cat lovers". Evaluator Jacqui reminded us that you don't have to tell the truth, use pause for effect, round off with a concluding statement and sequence your story, try not to use slang and use humour and energy.

Albertus gave a lengthy general business session outlining the results of the recent committee meeting and club survey.

Timekeeper Tomoyo gave us our timings, and Megan our grammarian's word of the day "ludicrous" was used about 18 times - just about a record! General Evaluator Gary thought it was a fantastic meeting with all the evaluations being "competition worthy".

Spinnaker promoted in events listing

At a recent committee meeting, it was decided to start promoting Spinnaker Toastmasters Club in the Kapi-Mana News What's On Guide. Our VP Public Relations Kathy sent an article which appeared recently. See below.

Listing in Kapi-Mana News.

Spinnaker Toastmasters achieve awards

Two Toastmasters - Gerry and Mazina - were presented with their Competent Communicator Award this week after nearly two years working on their project speeches. We heard some fascinating speeches from our retired fireman and local businesswoman and budding pilot.

Gerry and Mazina with President Albertus.

Albertus - President (centre) presents Gerry and Mazina with their competent communicator award.

Table Topics run by Darrell asked each speaker to give their thoughts on each of the points in the Toastmasters Promise. Evaluator Megan thought everyone gave excellent examples to support their ideas and comments.

Dale gave an educational on Pathways, outlining how to complete a Level 1 assignment. About half the club are on Pathways so it was a timely reminder to get logged in and underway when current projects are complete.

Paul outlined the different types of leadership in "Understanding Leadership" and asked the audience to work out what type of leader he was.

Peter told us a fascinating and "heart-stopping" story of how his recent heart attack forced him to think about his will, in "Get yourself sorted".

Memory Master Kathy handed out chocolates to everyone who got the right answers to her questions.

Timekeeper Linda listed everyone's timing and said everyone had done pretty well.

General Evaluator Katina congratulated Angela for a well organised meeting and awarded the Best Speaker to Peter.

Spinnaker hosts Area Contests

Over 30 people were at the Area J1 Speech Contests on Tuesday 19 February to see the best speakers and evaluators strut their stuff. And strut they did!

Audience at Area J1 Contests.

The Evaluation Contest was chaired by Kathy, with five evaluators battling it out to become the Area Evaluation Champion.

Here are the following results:

Area J1 Evaluation Winners.

The International Contest was chaired by Megan, with five contestants covering a wide variety of interesting topics.

Here are the results:

Area J1 International Contest winners.

Welcome to 2019!

Spinnaker's first meeting for 2019 on Tuesday 5 February was a cracker as the theme set by chairperson Jacqui was "Valentine's Preparation" and the word of the day from Gerry was "mojo".

Table Topics by Albertus followed the Valentine's theme with questions about valentine gifts, valentine activities and how much would you spend! Evaluator Katina gave all speakers concise and helpful pointers to help them get back into the swing of things in 2019.

Speech 1 by Darrell called "DNA Surprises" was introduced and evaluated by Dave. Darrell shocked everyone by announcing that DNA testing had resulted in him finding a new sister whom he met over Christmas, and he had some excellent tips for anyone thinking about trying DNA testing for themselves. Wow, you go Darrell!

Speech 2 by Linda was introduced and evaluated by Dale. Linda used powerpoint very effectively to describe three future foods we might be eating by 2050 in "What will you do for love?". This had the audience squirming and some just about retching at the sight of insects, kernza and schmeat! Well done Linda by raising the awareness of what we might actually really do for love!

Speech 3 by Mike was introduced and evaluated by Angela. Called "The Farewell Speech" Mike advised that after 2 and a half years he is leaving the club a "competent communicator". He discussed a few of his favourite and controversial speeches from the competent communicator manual including the famous flag speech, and the Love Trump speech. Goodbye and good luck Mike and we hope to see you back again at Spinnaker soon.

Speech 4 by Megan was introduced and evaluated by Kathy. This was "A story about a cat" in which Megan opened with a "meouw". She had everyone laughing with her following the exploits of the mysterious kitten under her car bonnet, and handed out the punchline which we had to read to get it!

Fluffy cat.

What a great start to 2019, and welcome back everyone!


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