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This page has news about Spinnaker Toastmasters Club and the activities of our members. By Dale Hartle DTM.

Spinnaker to host Area Contests

Spinnaker is hosting the Area J1 Evaluation and International speech contests on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 7.30 pm in Plimmerton. This is an open meeting so all are welcome. Come and see the best speakers in our area fight it out to be the Area Champions for 2019. Please contact Dale on 021 45 34 24 to let us know you're coming.

Welcome to 2019!

Spinnaker's first meeting for 2019 on Tuesday 5 February was a cracker as the theme set by chairperson Jacqui was "Valentine's Preparation" and the word of the day from Gerry was "mojo".

Table Topics by Albertus followed the Valentine's theme with questions about valentine gifts, valentine activities and how much would you spend! Evaluator Katina gave all speakers concise and helpful pointers to help them get back into the swing of things in 2019.

Speech 1 by Darrell called "DNA Surprises" was introduced and evaluated by Dave. Darrell shocked everyone by announcing that DNA testing had resulted in him finding a new sister whom he met over Christmas, and he had some excellent tips for anyone thinking about trying DNA testing for themselves. Wow, you go Darrell!

Speech 2 by Linda was introduced and evaluated by Dale. Linda used powerpoint very effectively to describe three future foods we might be eating by 2050 in "What will you do for love?". This had the audience squirming and some just about retching at the sight of insects, kernza and schmeat! Well done Linda by raising the awareness of what we might actually really do for love!

Speech 3 by Mike was introduced and evaluated by Angela. Called "The Farewell Speech" Mike advised that after 2 and a half years he is leaving the club a "competent communicator". He discussed a few of his favourite and controversial speeches from the competent communicator manual including the famous flag speech, and the Love Trump speech. Goodbye and good luck Mike and we hope to see you back again at Spinnaker soon.

Speech 4 by Megan was introduced and evaluated by Kathy. This was "A story about a cat" in which Megan opened with a "meouw". She had everyone laughing with her following the exploits of the mysterious kitten under her car bonnet, and handed out the punchline which we had to read to get it!

Fluffy cat.

What a great start to 2019, and welcome back everyone!


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