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This page has news about Spinnaker Toastmasters Club and the activities of our members.

Online meeting success

Spinnaker Toastmasters Club ran its first online Toastmasters club on Tuesday 7 April, and it was a great success. Eleven members joined the meeting and you can see how it looked in the image below.

Online Meeting - screenshot.

Grammarian Dale's Word of the Day was "hunker" (see image below).

Word of the Day - hunker.

Table Topics by Albertus had a lockdown theme, and this was followed by a short presentation by each member of the committee about their role. This was in preparation for the annual club committee elections coming up in May.

Our next online meeting will be on Tuesday 21 April at 7.30 pm.

Spinnaker moves to online meetings

Spinnaker Toastmasters Club's physical meetings will cease during the COVID-19 lockdown period - until further notice. We will be conducting online meetings with our members only during this period. It will be interesting to learn how to use video conferencing and to reorganise how our meetings are conducted. We'll keep you posted on our news page on how we get on.

Saint Patrick's Day

Johanna did an amazing job as chairing the meeting on Tuesday 17 April, with a Saint Patrick's Day theme. It was an intimate group, so we used a boardroom style for a cosy setting. Johanna provided us many fun interludes about the history of Saint Patrick's Day!

Albertus took the meeting through a fun table topics session, with the theme of "what I would change about and why." Everyone rose to the occasion and it was a fun and well run table topics session. Kathy provided an in-depth table topics evaluation.

Tonight there were three formal speeches:

1. Darrell provided an thought-provoking speech on this experience judging at the Rotary special adults speech competition over the last three years, in a way to inspire members to volunteer to judge this year. Darrell used amazing imagery expressions - which Gary, as evaluatator, pointed out.

2. If Darrell's speech was thought-provoking, Peter's was somber but impactful. He had the audience in stunned silence as he read a letter to the shooter of the Christchurch mosque shootings. With the one year anniversary just passed, this was a timely reminder to us.

3. Spinnaker members were treated to an educational speech on Evaluations by Dave. Newer members, as well as experienced all picked up something new from Dave's detailed speech on Educationals.

Peter was awarded Best Speaker and Gary awarded Best Evaluation after using the information from Dave's evaluation presentation.

Dark and Stormy!

Peter chaired our meeting on Tuesday 3 March with the theme "dark and stormy". He said it could mean someone's feelings, Wellington's weather, or maybe a rum and ginger beer!

Grammatian Ian used the word "complex" for everyone to try and use in their speeches.

Speech 1 from Steve was an icebreaker entitled "A little bit about me". He told us where he grew up, how he came to join Toastmasters and his journey in the organisation, and how it helped his working life. Evaluator Darrell compared Steve's speech to an onion - peeling away the layers to reveal what's underneath.

Speaker 2 was Paul doing Level 3 Pathways with his thought-provoking speech "A bad season". In this speech Paul explained that he thought he was going to have a great Christmas seasun when it all fell apart. He implored us to treasure the good seasons because they will come to an end or change at some point. Evaluator Ron said it was a complex speech, formal in style, but complimented by lots of anecdotes.

Johanna's Research and Presenting theme was entitled "From Chaos", an ancient Greek fireside story, accompanied by a fire projected onto the TV screen and a darkened room. Evaluator Kathy said Johanna has clearly researched the story, used great gestures and body language, and to have a video of a crackling fire on screen held us spellbound and straining for more.

Johanna's fireside.

Johanna's fire on screen - it was a dark and stormy night!

Finally Jacqui gave us an educational "Using Body Language" where she used powerpoint and her own innovative comments and demonstrations to tell us how to use body language in our speeches. This speech was a requirement for her Advanced Communicator Silver. Evaluator Albertus said that Jacqui had excelled at "walking the walk and talking the talk" and he thought she was highly effective in showing us what she meant.

Jacqui demonstrating body language.

Jacqui demonstrating body language.

In table topics, Gary led us through the process of having to sell something, from a one way ticket to Wuhan, to a hamburger, a house, a pair of shoes, a photo album and a cellphone. Evaluator Dale thought they were simple but effective topics that were humorous and interesting, giving the speakers plenty of opportunity to use animated open gestures. Best Table Topics speaker was Angela.

Thank you!

Spinnakerites were treated to four speeches, including a social speech and an icebreaker, and an educational on impromptu speaking at their meeting on Tuesday 18 February.

The meeting was chaired by Kathy whose theme was "thank you", an apt theme considering it was Academy Award week.

Speech 1 by Dave was a story about James McKenzie and his sheepdog Friday and the rewards offered for capturing him. Evaluator Jacqui wants Dave to keep telling stories like this.

Speech 2 was an icebreaker by Ian. He told us he had to stand up and sell a new project to a conference gathering, right after Sir Colin Meads had spoken - a pretty tall order. This has led to him being here tonight!

Speech 3 by Megan called "The Emerald Island" informed us of the refugee problem currently plaguing the Greek island of Lesbos near Turkey and the 20,000 people in the Moria refugee camp - a very sobering issue for us here in New Zealand.

Speech 4 was a social speech by Dale presenting an award to a past student who had won a scholarship called "River's Going Places".

Speech 5 was an educational by Dave on Impromptu Speaking, outlining the key points to creating a great table topic or impromptu speech in any situation (see photo below).

Dave giving an educational.

Above: Dave giving his educational, using powerpoint on the TV.

Gary as Grammarian gave us "social" as the word of the day.

General Evaluator Johanna praised a very relaxed meeting, excellent theme and she gave all evaluators useful tips from her newbie point of view.

Timekeeper Peter said we got gold stars all round except for Megan and Ian who were a little over time.

Spinnaker contest success

Congratulations and well done to Gary, Albertus and Darrell who represented our club admirably at the Area J1 speech contests on 15 February.

Albertus and Gary now progress to the Division contest to be held on Saturday 21 March 2020 at Upper Hutt!

Darrell 2nd place International contest.

Darrell (centre) with International Contest winners, from left: 3rd Nick Barnett, 1st Sue Hurst with contest chair Ryan.

Albertus and Gary.

Albertus (left), Winner Humorous, and Gary (right), Winner Table Topics.

What did you do during the holidays?

Two practice contest speeches and an educational featured in the first Spinnaker meeting of 2020 chaired by Dave on 4 February.

We also welcomed a past Toastmaster Steve who was checking out Spinnaker with a view to join - Welcome Steve! We know you'll love our club.

Everyone agreed it was great to be back, and admitted how rusty we all were after a two month break. But it won't take long to get back into the swing of things. Three members are aiming to complete Advanced Toastmaster awards before they cease in June 2020 so there'll be a few educationals for us to enjoy in the next few weeks.

Table Topics Master Megan picked up on the theme of the meeting and asked all the speakers about their holiday activities: Dave learnt how to scuba-dive, Dale visited Hamilton with her husband and miniature loco for a convention, Kathy dreamt of pavlova and whipped cream, Angela was surprised by a Santa sack for her and her husband from her kids, Ian found out nobody wants to talk about work, and Steve spent his summer holidays figuring out how to plant his garden on the side of a windy hill in his new home in Whitby.

Jacqui's word of the day was "sumptuous" or "sumptuary" - that proved a challenge!

Best speaker was Ron, Best evaluator was Johanna and Best Table Topics was Dale.

If you like the idea of joining Toastmasters, why not give it a go, come on down to Spinnaker and check out what we do. You'll be surprised and have a great time.


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