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This page has news about Spinnaker Toastmasters Club and the activities of our members.

Spinnaker ends year with annual awards

A delightful meal at the Plimmerton Taj ended Spinnaker's Toastmasters year combined with our annual awards ceremony by our President Kathy.

The club is now closed for the summer holidays. However if you would like to contact us, please email spinnaker@toastmasters.org.nz with your enquiry and we'll get back to you.

The club restarts on Tuesday 4 February 2020 at 7.30 pm. The club wishes to thank all its supporters, families and club members for a successful 2019 year.

Spinnaker club champion found

Tuesday 19 November was Spinnaker's club International and Evaluation contest night, with 5 contestants in each contest.

The winners were:

International Contest

Evaluation Contest

Congratulations to our winner Darrell who will go on to represent the club at the Area contest in February 2020.

Icebreakers and 50 years married

Spinnaker Toastmasters certainly cover all sorts of amazing topics at their meetings. This meeting on 5 November (Guy Fawkes night) was no exception.

Darrell opened with his speech "The golden years", where he used a powerpoint to display photos of his 50th wedding anniversary and explained his hopes and wishes for a long and happy marriage - so far so good!

Ron then gave us a Pathways Icebreaker speech "My anonymous life" where he outlined his life and compared it to snippets of Shakespeare's poem in "As you like it".

Johanna explained the different uses of the word "Hummingbird" then proceeded to tell us it was the name of her new cleaning business and how she worked through all the things required to set up a business from scratch.

Finally Albertus used vocal variety in his speech "Say what?" to explain the issues of people with hearing disabilities and what it's like using hearing aids.

All the evaluators agreed that the speakers had delivered their speeches in accordance with the objectives and the few recommendations that were mentioned were very minor indeed.

Table Topics Master Peter used photos with captions to tease each table topics speaker into telling a story. Most of us just made one up and it was hilarious to see how creative speakers can be when an unusual photo is presented as the topic.

Grammarian Gary challenged us with the word "Grace" and in his report he said he was very pleased that just about everyone managed to use the word or its derivative in some way or another.

General Evaluator Dale wrapped up the meeting and invited one guest to comment on his enjoyment and level of interest, and asked if he would like to join the club.

Chairperson Jacqui had peppered the meeting with quotes about famous failed figures in history, and couldn't resist with one final quote to send us off into the night.

No meeting report

Your usual meeting reporter missed the meeting on 15 October and forget to ask someone to write it up - sooooo, there's no report for this week, sorry about that!

Fairy stories, giant spiders and super powers

A small but perfectly formed Spinnaker meeting was held on 1 October, chaired by Dale with the theme "Marvin Gaye". Dale peppered the meeting with information about the "Prince of Motown" who even had a number one single in New Zealand in January 1983.

Grammarian Kathy's word of the day was "palindrome", not the word but the concept - where a word spells the same forwards and backwards, eg pop.

Albertus gave an eye-wateringly scary story about "The real reason I came to New Zealand", and you had to be there to appreciate it, so I will just put the photo here to give you a hint! (Question: what type of spider is this - see below to find out!)

Scary spideer.

Johanna told us a story of a fairy prince and princess, and then that there is a science behind storytelling, which is an effective way of learning. Stories are powerful and have such an impact and can change your life, she told us. Evaluator Angela thought Johanna's speech was the perfect speech sandwich!

Tomoyo talked about a time when she was a protege and how her tutor had helped her with her English and encouraged her during the course. Evaluator Dale thought Tomoyo had mastered the concept of Toastmasters mentoring and protege extremely well.

Table Topics run by Dale invited all speakers to talk about their "super powers". Angela wanted to never be tired, Albertus wanted the power of thought, and Gary wanted to go back in time. Megan wished her house could be organised at the click of her fingers, Kathy thought everyone should be just like her, and Johanna wants to be able to fly. Tomoyo wanted to be able to teleport people from A to B, and Peter expected people to jump when he shouted. It was a truly inspirational table topics session which everyone enjoyed.

General Evaluator Megan ran an FAQ style wrap-up which everyone contributed to, including loving the U-shape layout.

(Answer: baboon spider!)

"flim flam" and waffle

The word of the day was "flim flam" which means "nonsensical or insincere talk" and there was plenty of that tonight 17 September and lots of waffle to go with it.

Table Topics by Sarah had everyone pick a colour and talk about the topic in the folder. We had a bouquet of orange flowers (pictured below), a cat wearing a yellow hat, all blue, all pink, red faces, green shoes and all. A very creative and innovative session by Sarah which everyone enjoyed. Table Topics evaluator Darrell reminded speakers to just hold up the card so everyone could see what the topic was, as some speakers held back on this and kept it a mystery!

Table Topics.

Speech 1 by Ron was a special occasion speech of presenting an award. He talked about the civil defence volunteers who do several months training and awarded Jacqui with her completion certificate. Ron used powerpoint on the TV and his images certainly gave us a good sense of what is involved in becoming a rescue worker.

Gary followed with Speech 2 about "The Beast", his beloved Austin A30, not to be confused with the A35 which has a painted grill. He then went on to describe the history and manufacture of the A30 and the restoration of his baby. See picture below.

Gary showing the Beast.

The art of waffling was the topic of Katina's speech where she used feedback from her previous speech telling us that you need to waffle with intent if you are going to be believable. She managed to only clasp her hands once to the great delight of her evaluator.

Speech 4 by Dave was a touching story called "Paul's Story", where Dave relived a memorable few days during and after a hockey match in his youth which had a tragic ending.

The Grammarian Megan was most impressed with the use of the day, mentioning that Albertus used it four times.

General Evaluator Angela loved Johanna's "red light disobedience" quotes, noted Paul's improved confidence in evaluations, and said Jacqui was "such a pro" at giving feedback to another "pro".

Best Table Topics speaker - Paul; Best Speaker - Katina; Best Evaluator - Johanna.

An E-Night to remember

Spinnakers club night for Tuesday 3rd of September was dominated by innovation and the capital letter 'E'.

Angela our chair dispensed with the old world A-genda replacing it with the new innovative E-genda.

The E-genda she handed out saying it wastes no ink and the paper is reusable (or did she just leave the printed ones at home hmmmmmm).

Dave was innovative by delivering the E-ducational via the TV set but more on that later.

Linda our Grammarian was innovative with the word 'E-thereal' a very apt choice given the amazing TT session that followed.

Johanna - was TT mistress of the night inviting us to an inter-galactic conference way way (WAY!) in the future where experts(?) in their field spoke of advances and innovation in future sciences.

Gary - an eminent neurosurgeon spoke of his amazing success in full body transplants. His initial two projects used vegetables where he mixed the head of a carrot with the body of a potato. One he called POTUS or Orange Trumpee, the other Boris or wrexit. His latest experiment is DIY self surgery which on the evidence before us was not going well!

Linda - as a famous explorer was to tell us about finding a new planet but after listing all the attributes that go to make up a perfect planet broke our hearts by telling us the one she found had nothing! When Armageddon is upon us don't let Linda do the looking.

Katina - has successfully loaded her conscious self into a computer retaining all her personality, and traits, but unconstrained by her frail human form. She boasted she no longer needs clothes (exhibitionist), food (starving), and through an Internet connection knows everything (knowall). Sadly Katina crashed during a power surge but IT help say they will have her back to us in a fortnight.

Megan - as team leader and general cheerleader for a new colony on Mars had to prepare the migrants. She cleverly used negative-positivity where she listed everything wrong on Earth (over population, housing, wars, Gary's botched DIY surgery) to make life on Mars look like a walk in the park by comparison.

Peter - had a Teleporter Watch a magic ticket to anywhere in any time. Pete was so obsessed with the word of the day, especially the phonetic 'ale' ending when spoken with a slur, that he appeared to just intend to keep going back an hour whenever they called time at his favourite inn.

Sarah - was asked to compare her today self with her 300+ year future self. Sarah feared that technology would rule even more than today with the young of today. She felt they would have even less social interaction than exists today.

Angela - somewhat ironically Angela of the simulated E-genda got to talk on a future where all was simulated and no one worked. Angela simulated all sorts of hobbies, sports and pursuits concluding that maybe work gives meaning to life so shouldn't be simulated.

An extremely challenging and interesting session. Well done Johanna but I fear you are in for a 'dark and stormy' retribution!

After the TT session could the speechifiers clear the high bar already set?

Darrell - fired the the 1st shot, fortunately figuratively rather literally, with his tale of being stopped by a police car in Saudi Arabia while driving with no lights. The encounter involved a BIG gun and his passenger Arizona "we are all gonna die" Jim. Sarah who evaluated praised the lack of notes unaware the experience was seared on Darrell's psyche hence needing no notes.

Ron - delivered 'The Roast' his subject being Jacqui his beloved. Ron served up Jacqui with:

Paul - has a family to feed so no time for the luxury of a therapist. He used the club night as a counseling session to "unload".

Paul comes from a family of Makara "hillbillies" Using handouts he regaled us with tales of his childhood, his carpenter father, his shark catching sister, rabbit hunting, long summers at the beach and houses washed away by time and tide. His was such an entertaining childhood that we all need therapy now because we want what he had!

Dave - daringly reprised the E-ducational on Pathways done by Dale last year. The hall TV starred as the screen for the display, why did we not do this before?Dave has downloaded helpful PDFs of the Pathways flows which he will make available as E-copies to us all. He advocated that we no longer refer to the old Toastmaster terms such as CC, Advanced Manual etc, and only speak Pathway in future. This was his E-dict.

So fellow Spinnakers yet another E-ntertaing, E-njoyable, E-nlightning, E-ducational evening.

E by gum we had fun!

(As E-xperienced by Darrell)

Spinnaker holds club contests

Spinnaker's annual Table Topics and Humorous contests were held on 20 August in Plimmerton.

Results of the Table Topics contest were:

Table Topics contestants - Albertus, Gary, Darrell, Angela and Dave.

Table Topics contestants - Albertus, Gary (1st), Darrell (2nd), Angela (3rd) and Dave, with Ron - Contest Chair.

Results of the Humorous contest were:

Humorous contestants - Albertus, Gary, Darrell and Angela.

Humorous contestants - from left: Albertus, Gary, Darrell and Angela.

Humorous winners Albertus 1st and Angela 2nd.

Humorous winners Albertus 1st and Angela 2nd.

Both the winners will now go on to compete at the Area contests next month.

Thank you to all the club members and visiting judges who supported this event.

Small but well formed

Megan chaired a small but well-formed Spinnaker meeting, welcoming our guest Helen Cartmell, Division J Director who came over from Upper Hutt to visit us. Thanks Helen, it was great to see you.

The meeting's theme of "Matariki" was very relevant, and Megan peppered lots of facts and information in between each segment to keep the theme alive. Her word of the day was "verity" meaning "true". Some speakers managed to get the word in a few times.

Table Topics was in two halves - the first half was a head to head yes/no debate, which Darrell thought was going to erupt into a fight, then Dave had his precious coin tin for people to choose from and talk about (Pictured below).

Dave's coin tin and word of the day.

Peter gave the first speech called "You choose", a thoughtful and spellbinding piece about end of life choices. Evaluator Gary said "I really like Peter's style" and then ranked his scores. His only suggestion was a stronger conclusion.

Dale's speech on the theme "Matariki Shining Star" was a social speech presenting an award to a current student of hers. Evaluator Angela thought Dale pitched the speech perfectly for the audience, was beautifully structured and would have appealed to the recipient of the award and the wider audience.

Timekeeper Johanna reported that the task was "way harder than I thought" saying she struggled to keep time and listen to everyone's speeches at the same time.

VP Education Dave in general business acknowledged Darrell's contribution to the Capital Chatterers Trade Me Speechcraft course and their donation of $50, and mentioned that club leadership training was starting soon.

Division Director Helen addressed the meeting at the end and congratulated our club meeting for being vibrant, flexible and fun to be part of.

Recap of Spinnaker meeting July 2nd 2019

As remembered 8 days later by Darrell after his holiday.

Written with apologies to Dale (who asked for it on the 3rd) and those of you there for any slander or mis-attribution. This is an audience participation review.

It was an unusual meeting we had this week at Spinnakers.

New features, changes to the way we keep time, but still the usual enjoyable speeches.

Gary our chairman may not have started the meeting with 'it was a dark and stormy night's but he did start with a bizarre fact, and continued with more thru the night.

For instance when you go to Switzerland (perhaps to visit your money?) if you decide to buy a guinea pig you have to buy at least 2, because that's the law! I cannot reveal the other facts he revealed as this is a family review. Gary also used a unique mixed-meeting agenda, merging items for Spinnakers and Walk Wellington tour walks group into one. There are now tourists being challenged to do 1-2 minute speeches on 'Wellington the coolest little capital in the world'!

Speaking of 1-2 minute speeches Katina, our timekeeper, brought her own brand to the evening. In a bid to save electricity the TT speaking times were longer 2-3 minutes so the green light barely came on let alone the yellow. As for the red light no one saw that (not even Darrell). At her trial (Katina says Timekeepers Report I say trial) Katina did point out that the agenda said "2, 2.5, 3" minutes so happily put the fault back to the chair where it belonged.

The Tables Topics themselves proved to be very interesting. TT mistress Linda had the speakers talk about a game (chequers, trivial pursuit, cluedo) how played, origin, likes dislikes etc. It was interesting to see how the advent of the Internet, gaming etc has made many of the board games of old but memories, or unknown if you born after 1980.

Paul was definite his game (Trivial Pursuits?) "was not created in Quebec Canada" but some other country and place "Ontario or Manitoba?"

Thankfully I am back on firmer ground with the speeches, and thankfully they reinforced why we come along every 1st and 3rd Tuesday.

Dave - treated us to a detailed rundown on "consent", not the "the age of..." (we are a family club!) but the "local body type of", decks, kitchens, garages etc. All of us there now know about a "free standing structure vs attached" and the wrinkles that get your job done without the need for consent at all. Useful thanks Dave.

Angela - continued her practice of using Spinnakers to work thru her issues. This week she confessed to being into yoga! She gave us a harrowing account of how she fell, dragging her family down with her. And there she stood defiantly professing her love of the practice, the hunky lifeguard instructor and the many (many!) weird positions. When she finished with the list there was a short break so some of us could have a cigarette, and none of us smoked!

Tomoyo - restored some grace and order to the evening with her speech on "understanding her communication style". Clearly she understands well as it was a well-constructed speech delivered with the ever evident growing confidence she has. As was rightly evaluated "Tomoyo is fast becoming Spinnakers shining success story".

Darrell - So from the sublime we descended to the ridiculous. Darrell played the "when I started in Toastmasters we gathered in candlelight to speak". Everyone knows that is ridiculous, only Gary goes back that far! But on a serious note Darrell did outline his communication abilities pre-Toastmasters and how his years in Toastmasters has improved them.

Darrell also promoted the enjoyment, and challenge, of contests, giving educationals, and most heart-warming of all judging the Special Needs adult speech contest for Rotary.

We were not a big crowd on the night but we had a lot of BIG laughs and the usual Spinnaker smiles at the end.

We missed those of you away, especially Kathy who is indisposed (get well soon Kathy).

That is July 2nd as I recall. Please don't try to sue me. I will plead insanity and I have the evaluation to prove it!

Panel discussion highlight

One of the advantages of attending Toastmasters is the opportunity to practise a real-life event in the safe club environment. Megan did exactly this on 18 June when she practised her part in a panel discussion she was participating in the next day. Panel moderator Dale asked the questions and Megan gave her replies, set with two other panelists. Everyone was very impressed with Megan's performance and wished her well for the event in front of dozens of senior managers in Wellington. See photo below.

Dale and the panel.

Megan, seated first on the left, with fellow panelists Angela and Dave. Dale is the moderator.

Update: Megan later reported - I felt really good actually after practising at Toastmasters. One of the other panel members was sick, so ended up only being two of us. And then the MC didn't stay on topic. So after all my prep, probably half of it was off the cuff! It went well I thought and a good experience!

Dave ably conducted the meeting with three other speeches, table topics and evaluations.

Sarah spoke to the topic "What's your sign", an interesting speech about New Zealand sign language. Evaluator Tomoyo thought it was a very smooth delivery and very informative. We all got to practise some sign language movements as well.

Katina talked to us about how to teach a child to read, and used books to demonstrate the process in "Crack the code". Evaluator Angela opened her response with "Katina's got me stumped again!"

Gary opened his speech, not with a dark and stormy night, but with "I want to really inspire you!" That had us wondering what he was going to discuss, which ended up being about the fear of public speaking. Evaluator Darrell thought it was impressive and inspirational, and he loved the training wheels analogy.

Table Topics Master Paul had us all trying to solve a murder mystery. He was also the memory master for the night.

Kathy gave her general evaluation commenting on how it had been a fun meeting and that she had loved table topics.

Report on Toastmaster meeting 4 June 2019. Report by Katina.

It was a dark and stormy night ... No, that's not quite it ... Actually: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, as our Table Topics Master, Paul, informed us! Ably led by Chairperson Kathy we enjoyed a most convivial session. Paul challenged us to "look at both sides of a coin" and present contrasting views on topics, for example describe either the most pleasant event or the worst holiday ever (poor Sarah, what a harrowing holiday that was), or the greatest failure (my cooking ...) to greatest success (Tomoyo's oven experimentation with Matcha). Then there was the most romantic date (Albertus switched that story on us and told us how the romance evaporated rapidly) and then the worst date (Megan, who - remarkably - still married her husband!). It was great fun, especially when Paul arranged for opposing views and pitted husband against wife (Ron and Jacqui were acutely aware of each other!).

We had such great fun, the General Evaluator (Ron) congratulated Paul for leading the most interesting table topics session, ever!

First speaker on the night was Darrell, who treated us to his "Reflections of a Reluctant Leader". He can now look back on an illustrious 12-year career as a Toastmaster. To think he only joined so he could have a captive audiene. From his zenith of speaking achievements he encouraged members to consider giving time to the club and thereby gaining many skills in return. He has found over the years that being an active toastmaster develops leadership skills as much as speaking skills.

Angela presented a fascinating "Randall Palm Oil Investigatio", with many illuminating details about the evils of deforestation due to palm oil plantations and its effect on animals' habitats and the environment. Angela explained about the interconnections of global export and investments, as well as the lack of incentive for change. Still, there are increasing efforts made to engage in sustainable production.

The President of the Spinnaker committee, Albertus, conducted the ABM. He gave formal recognition to the members who successfully represented Spinnaker Toastmasters at various contests and congratulated Gary, Angela, and Dave (humbly not mentioning his own name, but he also belongs to this illustrious group!). Indeed, the last year saw many goals achieved and awards presented, one being for Darrell, the Toastmaster of the Year. Albertus pointed out the significant growth in skills and achievements many members experienced over the course of the year and thanked the outgoing committee members. The handover to the new committee will be on 5th July.

All in all an entertaining, informative and productive evening. A classic Spinnaker Toastmaster evening. One could say ... it the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Pathways Special and Bumble Bees

Spinnaker's second May meeting chaired by Katina was a ripper, with four speeches and evaluations. The theme was "generosity" and the word of the day by Sarah was "synergy".

Dave ran table topics and had some interesting humorous topics for everyone to speak to.

Speaker 1 Albertus told us about the best method to access and print your Pathways Project, while Dale talked about being a "protegee", finishing off a Pathways Level 2. Paul answered the age old question "how do bumble bees fly" while Ron gave us his father of the bride speech.

Speech evaluations were thoughtful and well-rounded. Unfortunately I missed the last part of the meeting so cannot report more on this.

Today's photo below shows Albertus using PowerPoint in his speech about Pathways.

Albertus during his Pathways speech.

District 72 Table Topics contest results

Gary represented our club, area, and division in the District 72 table topics contest in Mosgiel in early May. By all accounts he did a marvellous job but unfortunately was unplaced. You can see the results and photos of all the contests on the District 72 Conference webpage.

Here's Gary (extreme left) receiving his participation certificate.

Gary - left - receiving his participation certificate.

Einstein and Rachel Hunter feature at Spinnaker

Our meeting, for the 7th May managed to start on time with some encouragement. Our word for the day was "felicitations" and our theme for the evening was "encouragement".

Katina Beauchamp delivered a very timely table topics session which was in synch with New Zealand sign language week. Sarah showed off her knowledge of the language, while Angela almost managed to completely dodge the topic as she spent most of her time talking about how she wanted to blend into the chair to hide from our table topics mistress. Our area governor Masha followed Angela and then Darrell. The king of kings of table topics Gary Nicholson brought our Table topics session to an end with his thunderous speech.

We were treated to 4 outstanding speeches, Jacqui dazzled us with Einstein riddle where she turned toastmasters into her classroom and she schooled us. Linda morphed together leadership with the movie "how to train your dragon." We also had two icebreaker speeches which is an awesome opportunity for us toastmasters to pry into the lives of others. Sarah delivered her first ever Toastmasters speech and did it flawlessly. Then Kathy explained what she had in common with Rachel Hunter.

Our area governor gave us her report for the area and encouraged us with some positive feedbacks. Katina received a certificate for completing her Pathways module from president Albertus (below).

Albertus presenting Katina with her Pathways certificate.

Our evaluators gave excellent evaluations to our speakers using the CRC method, which is what we have come to expect at the happiest little club on earth.

Our next meeting will be 21st May to be chaired by Katina.

Meeting report by Paul Briggs.

Table Topics Special

Today's meeting 16 April started ahead of time at 7.28 pm. Wow! Spinnaker Toastmasters that's awesome! The theme was "changing seasons", and the word of the day "Cresendo".

Table Topics was a little different, with Gary delivering 3 table topics. "A Dark and Stormy night" only featured once. This was in preparation for his attempt at the national champs in Dunedin in May! Darrell in his newly appointed position of President for life, told us what he would change. And then asked for a cup of tea. Peter as Minister of Transport banned all private cars. The club gave Gary good feedback, with a session led by the Chair, Dave.

Albertus was first of three speakers. He delivered an interesting speech called "The Protege" and recounted the time when he was mentored by one South Africa's leading legal minds. We learnt via Albertus 3 things that judge did. Do not make decisons with emotion. Do not judge people by their appearance, and do not tell lies.

Darrell told us about "Do the Right Thing". His speech was from the humourous manual and he had to make us laugh. He did as he told us about writing letters to the editor, both funny, and serious. He challenged us to put our speech writing skills to action, by writing letters.

In the last speech, Peter told us about some very old fashioned and provocative ideas and about women police from 1916. Fast forward a hundred and 3 years, and the percentage of women police officers still does not reflect NZ society, with only 1600 women out of 8000 uniformed police. It has been 75 years since the first police woman graduated.

Evaluators were very good. Linda provide insightful and excellent recommendations to table topic speakers. All used the CRC method as is our custom at Spinnaker.

Paul delivered an excellent General Evaluation, his first.

The meeting closed on time - well done Dave!. Paul is chair for next meeting.

Meeting report by Dave.

Clutter, leadership styles and all things Dutch

These were some of the topics discussed at Spinnaker's April 2nd meeting. Megan talked about how New Zealand was discovered by Abel Tasman and named by his cartographer, and how the Dutch came to settle in New Zealand. Megan is off to the Netherlands soon to visit family, so this was a fitting self-farewell!

Tomoyo discussed how she found out her three leadership styles in the Pathways Project, and you can read the text of her fascinating speech. Tomoyo says "I thought this project "Understanding Your Leadership Style" was not related to me because I am neither a leader in my work or my private life. So I asked my mentor and have found that it is not only those who lead team members that demonstrate leadership skills. I am already using those skills supporting those who need my help in many situations. Once I realised that, it was not difficult to work on my speech. Now I know that Toastmasters provides not only a place to practising public speaking but also draws out other potential skills. Thanks for giving me such an exciting opportunity to grow with this project!"

Katina implored us to "Waste Not Want Not" in which she told us about the hydrological cycle of water and how we should protect our water at all costs. Evaluator Peter said we should take a stance and push our points home.

Finally Kathy gave an impromptu speech on Evaluations, in which she asked "Are you a reporter, a fan or a coach?" Evaluator Paul thought it was an important speech for himself and the club.

Gary ran table topics with a series of questions for speakers, and along with Darrell's hilarious evaluation, was the highlight of the evening.

Grammarian Dale's word of the day "clutter" was used many times in various formats. Memory Mistress Jacqui asked us lots of questions to challenge our memory of the evening, and then gave her Timekeeper's report.

General Evaluator Dave rounded out the evening with some key recommendations for future chairpersons, speakers and evaluators.

Best Speaker was Tomoyo and Best Evaluator was Paul.

Gary wins division Table Topics

Spinnaker member Gary Nicholson won the Division J Table Topics contest on Saturday 30 March in Upper Hutt. Gary now heads off to Mosgiel to compete with the District's best in May. Congratulatons Gary - we knew you could do it.

Spinnaker member Angela Randall competed in the Humorous contest but was unplaced. Despite giving everyone a run for their money, Angela narrowly missed out on a placing. She says she will work even harder next time on her speech to wow the audience and judges.

Humorous contest dress rehearsal

Spinnakerites were treated to a dress rehearsal of Angela's Division J humorous contest speech "A man and his car" and did a practice judging with feedback. Angela now goes on to compete on 30 March along with Gary in the Table Topics contest. Good luck to you both!

First speech from Linda called "How will my garden grow" focussed on climate change and the recent school children strike and protest. Linda summed it all up by saying "there is no planet B"!

Kathy's fascinating abstract concept speech using powerpoint gave us the lowdown on how a digital image gets from your phone to a Facebook page, in "When data comes knocking".

Kathy using Powerpoint.

Dave talked about "Scheduling" which is a big part of the VP Education's role, describing how forward role scheduling will happen and asking for club members to indicate which roles they want on the new forward programme for the next few meetings.

Table Topics Mistress Dale had a unique idea of getting everyone to write down their "burning question" then each table topics speaker had to pick one out of the box and talk to it. This resulted in a hilarious session where speakers answered burning questions such as "why is the bike leaning against the wall" to "why are dog lovers so much better than cat lovers". Evaluator Jacqui reminded us that you don't have to tell the truth, use pause for effect, round off with a concluding statement and sequence your story, try not to use slang and use humour and energy.

Albertus gave a lengthy general business session outlining the results of the recent committee meeting and club survey.

Timekeeper Tomoyo gave us our timings, and Megan our grammarian's word of the day "ludicrous" was used about 18 times - just about a record! General Evaluator Gary thought it was a fantastic meeting with all the evaluations being "competition worthy".

Spinnaker promoted in events listing

At a recent committee meeting, it was decided to start promoting Spinnaker Toastmasters Club in the Kapi-Mana News What's On Guide. Our VP Public Relations Kathy sent an article which appeared recently. See below.

Listing in Kapi-Mana News.

Spinnaker Toastmasters achieve awards

Two Toastmasters - Gerry and Mazina - were presented with their Competent Communicator Award this week after nearly two years working on their project speeches. We heard some fascinating speeches from our retired fireman and local businesswoman and budding pilot.

Gerry and Mazina with President Albertus.

Albertus - President (centre) presents Gerry and Mazina with their competent communicator award.

Table Topics run by Darrell asked each speaker to give their thoughts on each of the points in the Toastmasters Promise. Evaluator Megan thought everyone gave excellent examples to support their ideas and comments.

Dale gave an educational on Pathways, outlining how to complete a Level 1 assignment. About half the club are on Pathways so it was a timely reminder to get logged in and underway when current projects are complete.

Paul outlined the different types of leadership in "Understanding Leadership" and asked the audience to work out what type of leader he was.

Peter told us a fascinating and "heart-stopping" story of how his recent heart attack forced him to think about his will, in "Get yourself sorted".

Memory Master Kathy handed out chocolates to everyone who got the right answers to her questions.

Timekeeper Linda listed everyone's timing and said everyone had done pretty well.

General Evaluator Katina congratulated Angela for a well organised meeting and awarded the Best Speaker to Peter.

Spinnaker hosts Area Contests

Over 30 people were at the Area J1 Speech Contests on Tuesday 19 February to see the best speakers and evaluators strut their stuff. And strut they did!

Audience at Area J1 Contests.

The Evaluation Contest was chaired by Kathy, with five evaluators battling it out to become the Area Evaluation Champion.

Here are the following results:

Area J1 Evaluation Winners.

The International Contest was chaired by Megan, with five contestants covering a wide variety of interesting topics.

Here are the results:

Area J1 International Contest winners.

Welcome to 2019!

Spinnaker's first meeting for 2019 on Tuesday 5 February was a cracker as the theme set by chairperson Jacqui was "Valentine's Preparation" and the word of the day from Gerry was "mojo".

Table Topics by Albertus followed the Valentine's theme with questions about valentine gifts, valentine activities and how much would you spend! Evaluator Katina gave all speakers concise and helpful pointers to help them get back into the swing of things in 2019.

Speech 1 by Darrell called "DNA Surprises" was introduced and evaluated by Dave. Darrell shocked everyone by announcing that DNA testing had resulted in him finding a new sister whom he met over Christmas, and he had some excellent tips for anyone thinking about trying DNA testing for themselves. Wow, you go Darrell!

Speech 2 by Linda was introduced and evaluated by Dale. Linda used powerpoint very effectively to describe three future foods we might be eating by 2050 in "What will you do for love?". This had the audience squirming and some just about retching at the sight of insects, kernza and schmeat! Well done Linda by raising the awareness of what we might actually really do for love!

Speech 3 by Mike was introduced and evaluated by Angela. Called "The Farewell Speech" Mike advised that after 2 and a half years he is leaving the club a "competent communicator". He discussed a few of his favourite and controversial speeches from the competent communicator manual including the famous flag speech, and the Love Trump speech. Goodbye and good luck Mike and we hope to see you back again at Spinnaker soon.

Speech 4 by Megan was introduced and evaluated by Kathy. This was "A story about a cat" in which Megan opened with a "meouw". She had everyone laughing with her following the exploits of the mysterious kitten under her car bonnet, and handed out the punchline which we had to read to get it!

Fluffy cat.

What a great start to 2019, and welcome back everyone!


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